Harvesting Products

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Nylon Strainer Cone

Nylon Strainer Cone

33 cm ring


X large 45 cm ring rough or fine



Table Top Uncapping Tank

Comes with a stainless steel screen and rack. Food grade plastic container. Includes 1 1/2" honey gate.



Uncapping Tank

Comes with stainless steel screen, rack, and stainless steel cover. Includes 1 1/2" honey gate. The tank comes with adjustable legs and measures 40" long. It can hold up to 20 frames.

in stock $449.00

Uncapping Scratcher

Light duty scratcher.


Cold Uncapping Knife

Serrated on both sides.



Electric Uncapping Knife

Preset temperature control.

with on/off switch in handle


w/o switch $95.00