Hive Parts & Feeders

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Bee Escape Board

Clears bees from the honey super.


Bee Escape Disk

Fasten the disk to an inner cover.

$5.00 each

Hive Top Feeder

The feeder sits over the feeder hole in the inner cover, and bees access the feeder from the hole in the center cone. Use an empty, medium box as spacer. Lift up the outer cover to fill the feeder without disturbing the bees.


Plastic Entrance Feeder

Fits inside the front entrance.

red1 litre - $5.00

500 ml - $3.00

Boardman Feeder


Division Board Feeder

Fits inside the brood chamber. Comes with a wooden cover and ladders.Various sizes

$9.00 /$12.50

Queen Excluder

Metal excluder - $ $14.00

15+ please call

Plastic excluder $$7.00