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Hive Parts and Feeders

Ceracell Feeder


Deep Hive Box

commercial grade


Medium Hive Box

commercial grade



Outer Cover

Outer cover with metal top


Inner Cover

Standard - $17.00

Deluxe - $23.50

Bottom Board



Screened Bottom Board with Pull Out Tray


Plastic Entrance Feeder

Fits inside the front entrance


Queen Excluder

Metal,wood - $16.50
Metal,deluxe - $21.50
Plastic - $8.50


Bee Escape Board

Clears bees from the honey super


Bee Escape Disk

Fasten the disk to an inner cover

$1.00 each

Hive Top Feeder

Plastic 4L - $21.50


Frame Feeder single

Fits inside the brood box. Comes with a wooden cover and ladders.

single $18.75

Mouse Guard

This can be used as a mouse guard/entrance reducer
Or, flip it over and use it as a screen when transporting a hive

$6.00 each

Winter Covers

Bee Dry, Double with Pillow Top - $36.95
Bee Dry, Single with Pillow Top - $32.95
Bee Dry, Pillow Top Only - $17.95

Hogan Winter Cover, Double - $24.00
Hogan Winter Cover, Single - $20.00

Bee Cozy, Double - out of stock
Bee Cozy, Top Insulation - out of stock